Welcome to Pappy + Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace!

Check out our events page for info and answers to lots of your questions. The website is in transition but will give you the basics for hours, menu, and merchandise as it gets restocked. 

We are open Thursday through Sunday from 11am-9:30pm & Mondays 5pm-9:30pm.

We’re closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays unless there is a special event.

We are no longer doing takeout since the kitchen can’t handle both restaurant diners and takeout. Takeout got us through the pandemic and we’re super grateful, but we’re way more grateful to be getting back to indoor dining, and soon, regular live music and lots of dancing!

Check out our events page for info and answers to lots of your questions. The website is in transition but will give you the basics for hours, menu, and merchandise as it gets restocked. 

We are stoked to be getting back to 100% capacity, but please understand there will likely be a wait for your table. We’re short-staffed like pretty much everyone in the restaurant business right now, and we don’t take reservations no matter how large the party.

So if you have any friends or family that are looking for a restaurant gig at the most fun place to work on the planet, please send em’ our way!

Send an email to hello@pappyandharriets.com. One of the best things about being in Pioneertown… is Pioneertown! 

If you’re waiting for a table, you’ve got options to easily pass the time. Go walk around Mane Street and check out the shops and endless photo ops…then swing back to Pappy’s! Grab drinks and light nibbles to enjoy in the beer garden and outdoor areas while surrounded by Joshua Trees, mountains, and the best people-watching West of the Mississippi.

We’re only doing live music on certain nights. There’s no cover and it’s outside, so bring a jacket, grab a drink from the bar and hang out and watch the band while you’re waiting for your table!

We appreciate you guys so much for hanging in with us during one hell of a year. We’re so excited to be back, even if only halfway, because it means we’re getting real’ close to being back all the way. 

The next couple of years are going to be like nothing any of us have ever seen. 

So hold on tight, bear with the wait, and get ready for a great time!

For further questions please call 760-228-2222

    • A dinner reservation does not mean you have a ticket for a show. You must buy a ticket if there is a cover.
    • Tickets to a show do not include a table for dinner. Our shows are general admission.
    • Every person attending a show needs a ticket. Yes, even babies.
    • Pappy + Harriet’s is a General Admission and a Standing Room Only venue.
    • Pappy + Harriet’s is a RESTAURANT. Pappy + Harriet’s is a MUSIC VENUE. Sometimes the two get in each other’s way. Please check the calendar to see who is playing and if there is a ticket price and if the show is sold out before you head up here. Sometimes bands soundcheck during the time you are eating.
    • We have many places to sit outside the club. Lots of picnic benches, but ONLY certain places to dine.
    • PARKING: About 100 feet past Pappy and Harriet’s, there is a parking lot on the right. You will see our PARKING sign. Please do not park on Pioneertown Road
We love em’!

But for the safety of our staff and patrons, we require these rules to be followed to keep everyone safe and healthy. We also need to follow the California health code of no animals allowed inside the restaurant, even to walk through to get outside.
Allowances made for working service animals.
Once you arrive please tell the host that are you with an animal and need outside seating.
If you want to get drinks, please walk around the front right side of the restaurant. You will see the side area entrance that lets you into the beer garden and waiting area patio.
*All animals need to leashed
*Well behaved
*Outside only
*Never walk any animal through the restaurant 
*No animals allowed at shows, even outdoors. The crush of people is unsafe for dogs, patrons and staff alike.
We happily provide bowls of cool water and ice for the pups that are outside. Just let any one of the servers know!

“If you’re in a rush, you’re in the wrong place!”

All of our organic meats + fish are cooked on our amazing outdoor grill with Mesquite Wood. Everything is cooked to order. We only have one grill with only so much space, so food can take longer than usual on nights with high volume. For some reason we are usually hit with very large groups which can slow us down and make the wait for tables longer than normal. You are very important to us and we want nothing more than to accommodate you and have the best time possible. Outdoor seating is available during the spring, summer and part of fall. There are MANY places to sit at Pappy’s, but only certain areas to dine. Stroll around Pioneertown, sit out in our beer garden, or hang out and listen to music. Some of the shows are free some have a cover charge. We have live music every night we are open. All different genres. Check our events page and plan ahead. Remember..It’s only Rock~n~Roll..relax and enjoy!

Please Note

If you didn’t have an amazing experience at P+H email us. Let us know and hopefully we can fix it for you. Please come to us before you write a bad review on Google, Yelp, etc.. We are an independently owned establishment that cares deeply about our customers. It would be awesome to hear from YOU!