Welcome to Pappy + Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace!

“Remember…It’s only Rock N Roll…Relax and enjoy!”

Our new website is on the way! In the meantime, check out our calendar page for show info and take a look below for updated answers to lots of your questions.



CLOSED: Tuesday-Wednesday

Last dinner seating at 9:30PM

Hang out for drinks after!


No Reservations


No Take-Out


Pappy + Harriet’s follows all current state and local guidelines.

No Masks are required at this time and we have never required Covid 19 tests or vaccinations to dine-in the restaurant.

Please check your ticket carefully before you purchase as some artists may still require them for shows.


  • Having dinner does not mean you have a ticket for a show. You must buy a ticket if there is a cover. Equally, Tickets to a show do not include a table for dinner. Our shows are general admission.
  • Pappy + Harriet’s is a General Admission and a Standing Room Only venue.
  • Every person attending a show needs a ticket. Yes, even children and babies.
  • Pappy + Harriet’s is a restaurant AND a music venue. Sometimes the two get in each other’s way. Please check the calendar to see who is playing and if the show is sold out before you head up here. 
  • Sometimes bands soundcheck during the time you are eating.
  • We have many places to sit outside the club. Lots of picnic benches, but ONLY certain places to dine.
  • The desert gets very windy, very cold, (Yes, it snows) and also very hot. It is at our discretion to provide outdoor seating based on the weather. 


“If you’re in a rush, you’re in the wrong place.”

There will likely be a wait for your table at busier times on weekends.  If there is a wait, one of the best things about being in Pioneertown is…  you’re in Pioneertown! 

Stroll around Pioneertown or sit outside with some drinks. Go walk around Mane Street and check out the shops and endless photo ops…then swing back to Pappy’s! Grab drinks and some chips and salsa to enjoy in the outdoor areas while surrounded by Joshua trees, mountains, and the best people-watching West of the Mississippi.

So hold on tight, bear with the wait, and get ready for a great time!


About 100 feet past Pappy and Harriet’s, there is a parking lot on the right. You will see our PARKING sign. Do not park on Pioneertown Road. You will be towed


Taxis are generally the best bet until we get more drivers on the road with ride-share services.

Pioneertown is in the middle of the desert and WiFi is very limited, as is ride-share service. You may be able to get one up, but not necessarily back. 

The wisest move is to have a designated driver, if possible.  Pioneertown road is gorgeous…but it’s pitch black, steep, and windy at night. So please be careful! 

These are the taxi services to call, and you can also book them for drop-off and pickup.


We love em’!

But for the safety of our staff and patrons we need to follow the California health code of no animals allowed inside the restaurant, even to walk through to get outside.

Once you arrive, please tell the host that you are with an animal and need outside seating.

If you want to get drinks, please walk around the front right side of the restaurant. You will see the side area entrance that lets you into the beer garden and waiting area patio.

  • All animals need to leashed
  • Well behaved
  • Outside only
  • Never walk any animal through the restaurant 
  • No animals allowed at shows, even outdoors. The crush of people is unsafe for dogs, patrons, and staff alike.  

We happily provide bowls of cool water and ice for the pups that are outside. Just let any one of the servers know. Allowances made for working service animals.


If you or any friends or family are looking for a restaurant gig at the most fun place to work on the planet, please send em’ our way!

Send an email to hello@pappyandharriets.com.